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Divine Furies Trilogy

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Numbered edition of 300 (incl. special edition of 20 copies each accompanied with one of four original archival prints, both numbered and signed)
1/ The Oracle (47 colour images/ 31 pages)
2/ The Rescue (46 colour images/ 35 pages)
3/ The Wedding Night (49 colour images/ 39 pages)
210 x 297 mm,
Paper Oikos 115g
Self-published, Printed on demand
Athens, 2020

Nikos Kachrimanis

20,00 €

Four divine Furies, or madnesses, exist according to Plato: Prophesy, Mysteries, Poetry and Love. In Phaedrus, Socrates explains how these Furies can act as mediators for the human soul in the pursuit of growing its lost wings again. But is this plausible? Is it possible that the Furies will fail us?
In the “Divine Furies Trilogy”, the Fury of Poetry, or else the arts, is applied in order to approach the other three. We follow their manifestations in respective abstracts from Ovid's and Petronius’ texts where corresponding stories are recounted. A 19th-century English translation of the Latin text is illustrated by collages of contemporary photographs, relying on the potential of photography to depict a dimension of reality where the Furies abide.
For the Fury of Prophesy in “The Oracle”, Sibyl, a personification of the Western World, is reciting her story of sexual blackmail by collages of photographs taken over a time-span of seven years starting 2008, either on the places of residence (Athens and Berlin) or during trips around Europe (Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, the UK, Spain, Portugal) and California, USA. For the Fury of the Mysteries in “The Rescue”, we witness the cascade of events unfolding as rape gets revealed. The collages here are digitally composed as combinations of photographs from my photographic archive from the years 2016 and 2017, a time when mobility in life had receded. In “The Wedding Night”, the Fury of Love is court-martialled, awaiting to be sentenced. The illustrations for this story are made of photographs shot between 2008 and 2019, encompassing the time spans of the previous two books.

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Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
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Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
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Nikos Kachrimanis was born in 1983 and currently resides in Athens, Greece.
Actively practising photography since 2002, after finishing his PhD in Dental Biomaterials in Germany (2013), he took his formal education in the visual arts in 2016 when he attended the intensive course “Photography: Theory and Creative Practices” organized at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece (2016-2017), along with field-related seminars and workshops.
He is an independent photographer and collage-maker narrating stories: fairy tales, travel or crime stories, the 8 o’clock news, praising the poetry of the banal.
He has developed a special interest in the field of photobooks. His oeuvre has been shown online and has been exhibited in group exhibitions across Greece and Europe. Work of his is included in public and private libraries and collections, such as the Photographic Archives of Benaki Museum (Athens, Greece), the Gulbenkian Art Library (Lisbon, Portugal), Josef Chladek's Bookshelf (Vienna, Austria).
He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and the IAA/AIAP.

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