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08 JUN
30 JUL
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MISC proudly presents Unlikely Outcomes.The Exhibition**, Nikolas Ventourakis' third part of the series, which will take place between June 8th 2022 and July 30th 2022. The exhibition is an occasion for Ventourakis to return to some of his most significant themes and approaches. Meandering between intimate and public stages, we are confronted by existential questions through an unwonted use of the documentary aspects of photography aimed at questioning its instrumental value. Ventourakis leaves the observer in charge of piecing together the fragments of a narrative which ultimately brings us to the most fundamental of thresholds: of light and darkness, of life and death. He does so through images able to immerse us in situations familiar to us but underlining their transcendence by extrapolating and abstracting the signifier in a careful selection of associations, colours and textures.


The balance found by Ventourakis with Unlikely Outcomes.The Exhibition** is one between abstraction and documentation, between familiar and unexpected, between pleasure and staleness. However the key to unlocking these dichotomies seems to lay in the artist's capacity to evoke images beyond those presented, turning static photographic images into performative gestures in which every carefully thought detail opens a dialogue to another more intricate, but also surprisingly intimate subject.


After all artworks are more often than not, mere traces of the artistic process and an invitation to join a dialogue between ourselves the artist and their worlds.


Curators: Christian Oxenius & Sylvia Sachini

Essay: Danai Giannoglou

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