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30 x 21 cm
16 pages
fluorescent stencil, digital printing, stapled
Designed by Manos Tzavolakis
Published by MISC, Athens 2023

Nikola Balberčáková, Bety Krnanská and Pennie Key, curated by Sylvia Sachini

7,00 €

MISC for each show creates unique catalogs that investigate or add on the main idea of the show.
For EFFIMISMS catalog, the main idea is based on advertising campaigns in the last decade. On one hand our bodies can be celebrated and seen as active agents of our own liberation, on the other hand we question whether the naked female form is truly liberated from the exploitative and unequal logic of capitalism – or if it has simply been co-opted by the free market economy. In doing so, it tries to investigate the often-contradictory dynamics of feminism and free market economics, and their implications for contemporary women. It explores the various ways in which women are depicted in popular culture, from the objectification of their bodies to the reinforcement of gender stereotypes.
For the first and last page a collage of female figures is presented. All collected from the March 2023 issue of an international lifestyle magazine. The magazine included many articles about strong and independent women, but still the visual presentation of female bodies lacks real diversity and represents stereotypes.

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Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
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Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
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