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Edition of 500
23 x 30 cm
80 pages, 
12 pages in silver print, Softcover,
Swiss Binding
Text by Efrem Zelony-Mindell 
Published by Witty Books,
SEP 2018

ISBN 978-88-941882-8-8

Fabrizio Albertini

35,00 €

"Everything gets caught in the light. There’s no escaping. In the traces of the flesh of the and everything swells in the glow of our orbiting star. A garden is a place of focus and growth. Undulating in the soil of the earth things transform and birth. Things get made by the hands of undefined forms. The roots of wonder wander the expectations of life’s intuition. The kinds of things that can be made are up to imaginations and esteemed ocus. The world spins forward full of its happenstance and coincidence...."

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Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
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Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
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Fabrizio Albertini (b. 1984) is a film director/photographer/dop. Graduated in Film Direction and Production at the International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences CISA Pio Bordoni. His work has been shown, among others, at International Locarno Film Festival, Solothurner Filmmtage. His photographic series have been exposed, among others, at Aperture Foundation (Usa - NY), SK Stiftung Kultur (Germany - Cologne), Fotografia Europea (Italy – Reggio Emilia), Triennale (Italy – Milano). He publishes, with the publishing house Skinnerboox, the books “The Mecca of Coney Island” (2014), “Diary of an Italian Borderworker” (2016); with the publishing house Witty Books the book “Radici” (2018; Awarded for the Unveil’d Photobook Award). He produce for SSR SRG the documentaries “Io sono una Sirena” (2020) and “Tony” (2021). Among the clients Neil Barrett, MaxMara, FC Internazionale Milano, Napapijri, Santoni, Disney, Financial Times, Zeit, Alessi, Cartier, Bulgari. Represented, in gallery, by Galerie Kernweine (Stuttgart-Germany).Teacher and tutor at Scuola Spazio Tempo.

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