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The Hero Mother - How To Build A House

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Edition 1000
16 x 23 cm
120 pages
Hard Cover

Published by Witty Books & Images Vevey, Oct 2021

ISBN 979-12-80177-07-0

Peter Puklus

37,00 €

Puklus deconstructs and questions the dynamics of the pre-established female and male roles: motherhood as an alleged heroic activity and the supposed duty of the father to build and protect the home. His search breaks down the traditional symbols associated with maternal and paternal figures in a playful yet critical way. Outside the confines of the photographic studio, he develops an original visual vocabulary around parental life and issues related to the construction of the family nucleus. Presented and internationally premiered at Images Vevey, Switzerland, the installation reconstructs the everyday life and unfolds in the intimacy of home: in each room, the viewer discovers the complexity of ourselves.

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Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
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Hear You Athens- (21 of 56).jpg
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​​Peter Puklus is an artist based in Budapest. Studied photography and new media design. Beside the photographic gaze which can always be found in the center of Puklus’ works, he recently started to explore undiscovered territories. His recent projects involve sculptures, objects, paintings, installations, drawings and videos. Puklus mixes different genres and media and makes them relate to each other.

Has published 3 photo-books: ‘One and a half meter‘ with Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg and ‘Handbook to the Stars‘ with Stokovec, Banská Stiavnica and ‘The Epic Love Story of a Warrior‘ in cooperation with Self Publish, Be Happy, London, which got shortlisted at the Aperture / Paris Photo Photobook Award 2016. Recent solo exhibitions of Puklus include ‘Life is Techno’ at Trafó Gallery, Budapest, ‘New Works‘ at Conrads Gallery, Düsseldorf, ‘Unsafe to Dance‘ in C/O Berlin, Berlin, ‘One and a half meter‘ in Robert Morat Gallery, Berlin and ‘The Epic Love Story of a Warrior’ at Capa Center, Budapest and Raster Gallery, Hungary.

The most recent and still on-going project of Puklus entitled ‘The Hero Mother – How to build a house’ received Grand Prix Images Vevey 2017–2018. Related recent exhibitions are ‘The Hero Mother – How to build a house’ in Images Festival, Vevey, and ‘The Hero Mother – Subtitle‘ at Glassyard Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. This project is going to be published in a book form under the same title in cooperation with Witty Books and Image Vevey in October, 2021.
Puklus is represented by Glassyard Gallery in Budapest and by Robert Morat Gallery in Berlin.

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